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How to Find an Eating Disorder Therapist who is Right For YOU

Recovering from and Eating Disorder is an individual thing.

Finding the Right Therapist is an important part of your recovery.

Selecting your eating disorder therapist can be the most important thing that you do in your eating disorder recover. You will want to find a therapist who is a fit for you in the style they work with you. You will want to find a therapist who has good credentials, a few years of experience in helping people heal from eating disorders, and is a good fit for you personality wise.

You might think of your selection of a therapist as being similar to hiring an employee for a business. You have the right to treat yourself well and make sure you find a therapist that you feel can help you the best.

Here is a good Strategy to use in your search:

When you get the list of therapists, review the list for the ones who match the credentials that you want. Also look at their location for the distance you will have to travel. Select a few from the list and telephone them with a short list of questions that are important to you and could be reasons you would eliminate them from your list of potentially being your therapist

If you like one or perhaps 2 or 3 make an appointment with each and consider this first appointment (or even a 2nd and 3rd appointment) as you 'testing the waters' of whether this therapist is a good fit for you. During these appointments you should be asking questions that will help you understand more about your eating disorder. And after the appointment evaluate whether this therapist is helpful for you and a good fit for a therapist you can work with, and whom you feel can help you recover

Don't be shy about this, as this is your life you are working to take back! :)

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