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Dental and Mouth Problems from Bulimia Nervosa?

Once you start with bulimia, it’s hard to stop.  You become involved in a whirlwind of a tornado and can’t seem to get out.  It doesn’t seem to matter that you’re getting sicker and sicker, and you know it.
People who love you, your family and friends, all around you are trying to help you – asking you what’s going on – some of them realize it, and you’re doing your best to hide – hide your binging, your purging – the diuretics and the laxatives.

You try to hide the stench in the bathroom.  The perfumes, the mouthwash doesn’t really do it completely – You’re starting to get calluses on your knuckles – your teeth are turning colors, and looking a bit rotten – what are you going to do? – You just cannot share this with anyone!!

You are rotting your teeth.  You’ve got cavities; tooth enamel erosion, gum disease and your teeth are becoming sensitive to hot and cold foods.

You are in trouble.  Just from the stand of your Mouth – You’re now taking things to a point from which you’ll never recover – It’s really time to get help!

NOW! You need to reach out to those who love you.  Get into a support group.  Go to your religious leader.  Write to a support group on the internet.  Call and go see your Physician. If this is just what’s happening to your mouth, imagine what’s happening to your stomach, your throat and your heart muscle.

Do you want to get married and have a baby? You need your body to work if this is your dream. You need to get into recovery if this is a dream of yours.  

Many of your dreams are reachable.  You just need you to reach out toward recovery.  That one step will put you on the path toward making your dreams a reality.  You have the power within you, and with the right help you can reach your dreams and make them come true.

I’m not saying it will be easy.  But it’s more than possible.  You just need to want it. 

Try to take stock of your life. You may need to look at the things that have hurt you so badly that they made you want to hurt yourself so much more.  You don’t need to continue with that behavior anymore.  Say no to hurting yourself from this time onwards.  Make a decision to love yourself, and to only allow yourself to be in situations that create good feelings about who you are.  Don’t let others put you down, and ABSOLUTELY, From now on, no more negative thoughts and no more negative words about yourself.  i.e. You can say, “I am so smart”.  (not the opposite!)  “I am ingenious!”, etc., etc.

At night, say good night to yourself and say “I Love You.”

Learn to love yourself and create a place where you can begin to heal.

There is no need to hurt yourself from now on, or ever again.

I’m hoping you will ask for some help.  You deserve love, and you specially deserve love from yourself.  Everyone who has been through this loves you and supports you fully.  We all want to see you recover.

You are rotting your teeth.  You’ve got cavities, tooth enamel erosion, gum disease and your teeth are becoming sensitive to hot and cold foods

Rika B.

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